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Restaurant Supplies and Soccer Games

I was thinking abut how restaurant supplies enter our daily lives.  Here's a little story about youth soccer.

When my mom was a youth soccer league coach, we would trudge our way over to the fields every Saturday morning along with hundreds of other kids and parents.  That was the day that we’d play our games and fight for supremacy over the pitch.  I made a great benchwarmer, while Mom consistently had top-ranked teams.

One of the other things that was kept warm during this time was the coffee.  Intrepid, entrepreneurial mothers would bring their equivalent of the Waring WCU550 50 Cup Coffee Urn to the dusty, cold field and sell coffee for 50 cents a cup to all of the parents.

For those parents who weren’t coffee drinkers (though I think everyone becomes a coffee drinker when it’s cold) there was also tea served in a Bunn TDO-4 4 Gallon Iced Tea Dispenser or two (one for sweet, one for unsweet).  It was all for that good natured romp on the soccer fields – the parents were mostly well behaved, anyway.

When it got really cold, and both the parents and kids got irritable and hungry, someone would always bring the equivalent of a APW/Wyott RCW-7 7 Quart Countertop Cooker filled with delicious chili that they made at home.  The cooker’s much like a crock pot with the ability to go anywhere.

These were the days where I got to run around on a soccer field without a care in the world, scampering like there was no tomorrow.  My Mom loved the coffee, but I just dreamed about playing the game.

Special thanks go out to Loren Kerns on Flickr for the Creative Commons use of the picture.

2014-11-11 00:00:00
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