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Restaurant Signage

Graphics create connections in the mind of your consumers, and can be your restaurant’s main identifier. Picking out a logo or sign can be difficult because you want it to be aesthetically pleasing and also something that differentiates you from your competitors. Not all signage is used as an identifier, but rather to alert your customers of an event or special you’re having.


What kind of environment is your sign in? You don’t want it to be amidst a bunch of other signage because becomes part of the clutter and people will miss your sign completely. Before putting your sign up, scope out its potential location to ensure there aren’t other signs with conflicting messages or outdated signs posted directly next to yours.


You need to evaluate what kind of message you want your sign to accomplish. Is there a certain message you’re trying to get across to your customers? You want your sign to convey your message in a clear and concise way, while also being memorable to your customers.


Your signs don’t always need to reach everyone! You might need to target different demographics for different events and offerings. You’ll need to adjust your signage to fit your target audience!


If you’re using pictures of your delicious—we hope!—food on your signage, you need to make sure you don’t skimp on the quality of the pictures. You want the pictures to reflect how good your food really tastes.

Whether your sign is your main logo or for promotional purposes, signage is an important part of your restaurant! You want your sign to convey the message you want to the right audience.

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