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Restaurant Shelving Safety - Part 2

We liked restaurant shelving so much, we wanted to devote a second day to it.  Yesterday, we took a look at safety checks for shelving. Today, we’re going to look at what the health inspector would examine when they look at the shelves. Namely, is there a hidden health hazard?

Are your shelves dirty or greasy?

When you take a good look at your restaurant shelves, do you feel your stomach turn?  Do you see a lot of grease or, more to the point, when you wipe your fingertip across them are you met with slimy goo?  If you are, then you probably want to take steps to clean them! Many restaurant shelving units are wire grates to prevent this from being a problem, if you keep your floor washed frequently.

Are your shelves rusty?

The same goes for whether your shelving units are rusty.  We understand that you didn’t get your job in the kitchen only to be scrubbing the rust off of shelves. Most restaurant shelves have a rust resistant coating, but it’s only a temporary solution. If they’re rusty, you have a choice: get new ones or clean them off. Replacement may be the only option if there is too much rust.

Is everything on your shelves properly labeled?

If it’s not labeled, the health inspector can take points off of your rating. Labeling makes things easier to find, but not only that, cuts the time that your staff will be looking for things in the restaurant.  Check out the labels on all of your stuff – if it’s not there, make some changes.

Is the stock rotated regularly?

Finally, you don’t want the inspector to find a can of peaches that got stuck behind the cup box since last year. Old inventory must be checked for expiration. You don’t want to be caught with expired food!

These aren’t the only questions that you should be asking about your kitchen shelving.  Take a few moments to see if your restaurant is up to your standards. If it’s time for a replacement, we have shelves to fit your needs. Check out our inventory of shelving solutions.

2014-11-01 00:00:00
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