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Restaurant Serves Everything in 32 oz. Cups!

There’s a new restaurant in Tucson which is offering a new perspective on the eat and go concept. The commercial sinks aren’t filled with unnecessary dishes, as everything is served in a 32-ounce cup. Essentially, they’re making beautiful stews in cups.

The whole dish is built in stages, starting with your entrée, adding the starch, then going with the greens and then the onions and the peppers. The dishes from Cup It Up American Grill then have sauces which can be added, and then they’re all topped off with some delightful sauces.

While there are a ton of options available, their mac and cheese is getting some wide acclaim from parents and their children. This is an interesting concept that the owners, Christopher Smith and Jay Warren, came up with – stemming from the curiosity about whether food could be served in a cup.

You can, if you so choose, have your food served to you in a box. The restaurant sits next to a Trader Joe’s, a place known for their gentrified foods. These two golfers are hoping that this catches on in the higher volume places out there.

Filling up those commercial sinks got harder, but more customers should be pleased.

2016-02-11 00:00:00
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