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Restaurant Lays Down the Rules for their Establishment

One restaurant in North Charlotte has taken a personal stand by posting a sign in their window, and it's not the one in the image. The sign reads, “Take your hoodie down, pull your pants up, finish your phone conversations and marijuana smell not allowed.” Basically, they’re setting the rules for those who would set foot into their establishment.

There have been over a thousand people who have expressed their support of the sign so far. There are others who have disdain for the sign, but everyone has an opinion on whether the restaurant should try to moderate the behavior of their customers. It’s all about keeping the commercial rice cookers going.

There are other restaurants in the area who have expressed such a sentiment through posted signs that have been enforced for their customers. The restaurants themselves have taken the stance that it’s about the respect that they have for the people who come into their restaurant.

These are private establishments, and they have the opportunity to decide who they fire up the commercial rice cookers for. It’s not something that’s generally seen around, but that doesn’t mean that other restaurant owners won’t take more inspiration from these places.

What do you think about trying to regulate the customers that come into your private establishment? Do you believe that they should expect certain rules, or should they expect that the restaurant owners will go by the ‘customer is always right’ mantra?

2016-03-05 00:00:00
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