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Restaurant Faucets

We’ve already touched upon what type of sinks can be used in your restaurant, but the right type of faucet is just as important! Faucets are vital to the functionality of your restaurant and, if need be, can be installed on sinks that already exist. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular faucets that you can use in your restaurant:

 Deck Mounted Faucets

  • Mounts directly on to sink or countertop
  • Generally less expensive than other types of faucets

 Wall Mounted Faucets

  • Mounts on wall and extends over sink
  • Most commonly used faucet
  • Chosen for its modern look

 Pre-rinse Faucet

  • Allows you to quickly clean cookware, glassware, etc. before placing in dishwasher
  • High water pressure means no need to wash by hand before entering dishwasher
  • Conserves more water than other types of faucets

 Pro tip: it’s always important to remember that if you’re starting from scratch to buy the faucet before the sink! We have all these types of faucets and more on our website:

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