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Restaurant Event Ideas to Get More Customers in Your Doors

If your restaurant has felt a little lackluster lately, we encourage you to use this list to generate more interest and get some new faces in the door. While having regulars is great, adding new public events to your restaurant’s facebook page will bring in a new crowd and new opportunities for business.

Try a wine night with a coupon for a discounted bottle of wine after a tasting - or offer a tasting menu. Think #winewednesday and offer couples a night of wine tastings followed by offers on popular bottles to eat with their dinner. For this event, we recommend you sell tickets so that you can get a specific headcount for the tasting.

Many restaurants offer a live music night every week on a specific day. Use this event to give back to your local community by featuring neighborhood artists, and make it a win for your restaurant by offering live music during popular hours. If you have a patio in the summertime, better yet. Allow for a steady rotation of different artists and make sure that you feature them all on your social media page in the weeks prior to the event.

Another option for the weekend crowd is karaoke, open mic, or comedy night. Get interactive with your customers by offering them a chance to be on stage themselves! Not only will it bring your restaurant community together, but it will give a chance for the local open mic community to discover your restaurant and tell their friends you offer this event. Comedy night gets a little tricker, and we recommend ticketing this event as well.   

These are just a few ideas to get your team brainstorming. Sit down with your leadership team and come up with a list of monthly events that you can start working into rotation - and enjoy seeing your restaurant liven up!

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