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Repurpose your Old Kitchen Equipment

At Restaurant Supply, we are all about the use of personal creativity in the creation of delightful works of edible art. Everything that we sell is to help our favorite chefs and restaurant owners push forward and make masterpieces. That creativity and ingenuity can be used to devise other pieces of art, too.

Commercial sinks are traditionally used for only one thing, but they can be repurposed to form something beautiful like planters and storage areas. The stainless steel design can be used as part of an Art Deco project or of something completely different.

Let’s say that you have a number of spoons laying around – perhaps got a little too much restaurant flatware for your purposes. Out of those, you can craft beautiful flowers that hold tiny tea lights. The luminescent glow will add a tranquil touch to your table.

You can even turn an oven into a lounge chair! We never thought about that, but upon seeing the picture (over here) it definitely works. Or, if you decide to get a little old school, you can transform your cast iron stove into a decorative art piece.

When you’re dreaming about remodeling your commercial kitchen, offer a couple of thoughts to repurposing the unusable equipment to art projects – donate them to an art school or otherwise go wild.

2015-12-19 00:00:00
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