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Remember that Nasty Restaurant? Still Nasty

Wow. Just wow. We’re in favor of rehabilitation for restaurants and keeping restaurant equipment operating so people can eat, but there are times when it seems obvious that the restaurant owner doesn’t want to keep the place. That is very evident with the China Buffet in Miami that we’ve talked about in the past.

This particular restaurant has faced emergency closures as a result of its violations, but it has always been reopened after some of the violations are rectified. However, the department of Business and Professional Regulation in Florida had their own take on the situation.

“The establishment’s food service license was suspended during the Jan 19 and Feb 4 emergency closures. Once an emergency closure or suspension of license has been cleared to vacate by the director of the Division of Hotels and Restaurants, an establishment has come into compliance with any violations deemed an immediate threat to public health and safety is permitted to open and operate.”

It’s amazing that this restaurant continues to function because their restaurant equipment is obviously not clean. While the DBPR tends to focus on rehabilitation, there are times when that rehabilitation does not appear to be taking hold. Make sure that your restaurant is clean.

2016-03-05 00:00:00
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