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Refrigeration is Key

Kitchen and bar areas can be extremely small in restaurants, so picking the right refrigeration unit can make or break the success of your restaurant. Because there are so many different ways to refrigerate food and drinks, it can be quite hard to know exactly where to begin your search. The most popular refrigeration units include walk-in refrigerators and reach-in refrigerators. If you’re opening a new restaurant or just trying to decide what unit to invest in for more refrigeration space at your restaurant, here are some things to think about:

Walk-In Refrigerators:

-      Used more as storage units

-      Can be customized to fit any space

-      Open layout for better organization

-      Require extra equipment in order to use

-      Higher initial costs


Reach-In Refrigerators:

-      Can easily become overstuffed, leading to decreased air circulation and inconsistent cooling

-      More affordable, but on average have shorter lifespans than walk-ins

-      Take up less space

-      Limited storage capacity

-      Limited customization options


While not always at the forefront of a restaurant owner’s mind, picking the right refrigeration unit can be instrumental in a restaurant’s success. Not all restaurant spaces have room to house a walk-in refrigerator, but if you do, it’s something that you should heavily consider, just as multiple reach-in refrigerators might be equally as effective and this is something to weigh before making a decision. 


Good news for you we sell both types of refrigeration units, making it easier to compare in one spot! Here’s the link:

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