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Reducing Utility Bills and Energy

Electricity, gas, and water are among the biggest factors in running a successful restaurant, but they are also the biggest users of energy. Utility costs can add up quickly, but, good news – there a few simple changes you can make to reduce your costs! We have some budget-conscious tips below.


Properly illuminated restaurants are attractive to customers. If your restaurant is too bright, or too dark, that makes a difference to customers. However, you can use LED or incandescent light bulbs, which reduce the amount of energy you’re using to light your restaurant and are also budget-friendly. Consider investing in automatic dimmers if you get lots of natural light in your restaurant. Dimmers will adjust to the amount of light you actually need at any given time.


Refrigerators can use up most of your energy, but there are some ways to ensure that refrigerators are being as energy efficient as possible.

  • Make sure fans are running properly
  • Review temperature settings
  • Ensure doors keep cold air in and keep warm air out
  • Clean condenser coils as often as possible

Water Leaks

Water leaks can cost restaurants a ton of money each year. Fixing water leaks can significantly reduce your energy output.

For a restaurant owner, saving energy equals saving money, and that’s important! You need to save money where you can in order to invest it in something that is needed to make your restaurant better for your customers.

2020-02-27 00:00:00
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