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Reducing Food Waste

The past couple of years have showcased the trend in making more of an effort to create a positive environmental impact. If you’re not trying to be environmentally conscious, you’ll lose the respect of your market, especially millennials. Reducing your food waste not only helps the environment and puts your food to good use, but it can help your bottom line! Here are some ways that you can use to help reduce your restaurant’s food waste:

Big Data and Analytics

Technology is revolutionizing the food industry! Food analytics software allows you to monitor your food and its freshness. This software will alert you when the food is about to go bad so you in turn can either use it right away, or you can find another way to put it to good use instead of throwing it away.


Temperature-controlled packing is extremely important! When food goes bad, most times it’s because of the packaging it’s in. With new smart packaging technology, all reusable crates and temperature-sensitive items will come with a thermostat that can communicate the temperature in real time. With this, you can now keep track of the temperature of your food items making sure they don’t go to waste.


This seems like a fairly obvious way to reduce your food waste, but with the analytics software mentioned above, you have the ability to spot food that’s going to be wasted before it spoils. If you don’t have a chance to sell it to your customers, you can always donate to a local charity that accepts food donations (as long as you make them aware of the expiration date!).

Reducing your food waste should be one of your top priorities as a restaurant. It not only helps the environment, but also makes your customers happy, which in turn positively impacts your bottom line!

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