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Rainbow Bagels?

Cooking, whether you’re doing it with a commercial boiler, a commercial oven, or a charbroiler, can be an incredible act of creativity. When cooking, there’s an opportunity to do something which has never been done, something which might break the mold. Every day becomes cause for experimentation.

Take, for instance, the standard bagel. Bagels have been around for quite a while, coming in a variety of flavors and styles. There are, however, standouts in the bagel business. There is the rainbow bagel at the Bagel Store. YES. It’s a rainbow.

And it’s absolutely gorgeous to look at, as it is the culmination of someone’s creativity and ideas. The dough comes in a shocking array of colors and patterns. But, we can’t think of anything better to put into commercial boilers.

What do you think about the rainbow bagel? This is just one example of taking the ordinary and turning it into something spectacular. In reality, it’s all about taking the ordinary and making it into something extraordinary – something even more beautiful than what we could have imagined. Do you have some ideas for what you could do in your restaurant? The kitchen is an incredible test bed for new ideas, new thoughts. With that excellent understanding of flavors, where can you go wrong? Image from

2016-02-27 00:00:00
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