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Proper Juicing for a Healthy Life

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Juicing has been quite popular lately thanks to celebrities such as Salma Hayek, Gwyneth Paltrow, Anne Hathaway, and more especially Beyonce, because of this, many people have picked up juicing especially in hopes to lose weight. Juicing also helps a lot especially for those who don’t like eating fruits and vegetables that much and more importantly for those who want to lose a few pounds so they can hit the beach in their new swimsuit for summer or that beautiful dress for their best friend’s wedding. But does juicing really help you shed all those extra pounds? Is it as easy as they claim to be? Does it really deliver the results you want? Is it really even safe and healthy?

What is Juicing? Just to clear some things up, juicing is a process in vitamins, minerals, and more importantly the natural juices of fruits and vegetables. But why go through all that trouble when you can simply purchase fruit and vegetable juices in your local supermarket?

First off, most of the juices you see in your supermarket are not made up of real fruit juices but rather contain half or made from powdered juices with added water, now because of that, most of these juices contain so much sugar and other additives that can be bad for your health especially if you’ll be drinking it on a daily basis.

As for juicing, this allows you to take in more fiber and vitamins and consume more fiber at one time, this can be really beneficial for those who don’t like vegetables very much. Juicing is also an easy way for your body to absorb the nutrients from fruits and vegetables much easier, this is important because many of us suffer from impaired digestion because we have an easier access to processed food nowadays thus limiting your body in absorbing the nutrients it needs. Juicing also allows picky eaters to try out different kinds of fruits and vegetables or for those who are looking for ways to consume more fruits and vegetables rather than just making a salad everyday.

Juicing for a Healthier Lifestyle

One of the most important benefits of juicing is that it offers your body a complete cleanse which, if done correctly, can lead to weight loss. Green juices especially contain high levels of chlorophyll which can help your body get rid of toxins, heavy metals, and even free radicals. This also increases your blood’s capacity to carry more oxygen by stimulating the production of red blood cells. But before you head on to your local supermarket and grab a handful of fruits and vegetables. For this article, we will be discussing on how you can incorporate into your lifestyle but before that, let’s start off with some tips and tricks on how to do the juice cleanse properly.

Start off by thoroughly washing the fruits and vegetables you’ve bought from the supermarket before cutting, slicing, peeling them. Do not use soap, bleach, or use any commercial cleaning products when washing your fruits and vegetables. Now when you juice or blend fruits and vegetables, they need to be consumed immediately as they have a relatively short shelf life with most of them lasting up to 2 days as long as it’s stored properly.

While juicing can promote weight loss, it shouldn’t be your means to drop a couple of pounds as consuming just fruits and vegetables in juice form is not considered a balanced diet.

You may need to consult with your doctor before starting your own juice cleanse as a sudden change in your eating habits can surprise your body.

While juicing does have its benefits, too much juicing can be just as bad for you, sudden weight loss can trigger a slew of health problems. Try to complement juices with your meals especially during breakfast as juicing alone cannot replace protein and other important components your body needs.

Juicing isn’t simply limited to leafy green vegetables, go ahead and experiment with many different fruits and vegetables, you’ll be surprised to find a lot of fun and delicious recipes online that you can try out.

Juicing is like receiving a fresh boost of vitamins and nutrients directly into your body without stimulants like caffeine, and since it’s in an easily digestible form, you can get a natural energy boost within a matter of minutes. Juicing also allows you to consume a healthy amount of vegetables in an efficient manner, this also allows you to juice vegetables that you may not like in their original form. Additionally, juicing doesn’t only promote weight loss but also helps boost your immune system, increase your energy without suffering the sugar crash by the middle of the day, and even help your brain stay healthy by lessening your risk of developing Alzheimer's in their old age.

Juicing is intended for adults and although some companies claim they make child-friendly juices and blends, one shouldn’t buy these juices to promote weight loss. If you’d like your children to lose some weight, it’s better that you consult with your doctor to help your child lose weight the proper and healthy way. Although juicing is okay for children, they are not the perfect candidates for juicing, however, you can still introduce them to juicing especially if they are picky eaters. As mentioned before, juicing should be done to complement your lifestyle rather than become the center of your lifestyle, you can make juicing as the replacement for your coffee habit which will come in handy during the afternoon where you’ll be expecting that sugar crash. Another great thing about juicing is that you get to use every part of the fruit or vegetable thus also reducing produce waste. However, for you to have a successful juice cleanse, we recommend that you don’t add additional ingredients such as dairy and sugar. Also, while fruit juices are much more tastier compared to their vegetable counterparts they don’t include as much fructose that can lead to cravings and extra weight especially if you will be drinking this everyday.

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