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Promoting the Holidays

Use the holiday season as an excuse to market your restaurant and everything it has to offer. Here are some tips to market your restaurant during the holidays and attract as many customers as possible:

Send Holiday Cards

Sending your customers a card in the mail shows that you care about them and appreciate them giving you business. Send a card with an appetizing picture of your favorite dishes with a classic holiday greeting. You can also include a special offer or coupon with the card.

Holiday Specials

Offer holiday themed drinks and food to your guests (we’ve talked about quite a few great holiday cocktails and entrees to add to your menu in past blogs!). People love traditions—so add some traditional holiday items to your menu, but make sure to stick to the overall theme of your restaurant!

Promote Gift Card Sales

Make sure to remind people that your gift cards are a great holiday gift! Offer customers an extra incentive to purchase a gift card and let them know it’s worth their while (ex. free $10 gift card with purchase of a $50 gift card).

Give Back to the Community

The spirit of giving is in the air! Customers might be more willing to visit your restaurant if they know you’re giving back to those that need it, especially around the holiday season.

Capitalize off of the holiday season and focus your marketing efforts around giving back to your customers and those that have supported your business. Be creative and always stay true to your brand!

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