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Pots, Pans, and Stoves--Oh My!

There are so many different types of pots, pants, cookware utensils, etc. that can be used when preparing food, but what is necessary for your restaurant? Cookware can fall to the wayside when planning the layout/design and menu of your restaurant, but you can’t forget about the cookware because that’s how you get that delicious food to your customers. Here are some of the necessities for your restaurant below:


Cast-iron skillets are essential to your restaurant because they're multi-functional and can prepare multiple foods. Skillets give you the ability to sear, bake, and fry foods, and some skillets can be built into your stovetop. Skillets cook food evenly because they retain heat when being used.

Grill Pan aka Griddle Pan

Anything that would normally be cooked on a grill can be cooked on this grill pan! It’s a viable substitute for an outdoor grill and is essential when cooking any meat. You can cook fish, burgers, chicken, vegetables, and more on this pan. Some grill pans come with a press that is perfect for making panini and grilled cheese sandwiches!


Originating in China, woks are known for being helpful in cooking a large amount of food at one time. These pans are big, have long handles, and tall, sloped sides to keep the food from sliding out. Pasta dishes, stir-fry’s, and more can be cooked in this pan.

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a veteran restaurant, those are just some of the pans that you should have in your restaurant kitchen and they can make your life a lot easier. Click on the link to go look at these pans and more:!

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