Restaurant Cleaning Schedule

We all love to clean—right? No? Well, that’s no surprise, but we unfortunately all still have to do it, and if you want to run a successful restaurant, then you better get to cleaning! Restaurant cleanliness is so, so important to the customer and not one person will go back to a restaurant that they don’t deem clean. Cleaning should be one of the top priorities for your restaurant and your employees. Here a checklist for cleaning your restaurant below:

Daily Cleaning

  • Clean fryers, grease traps, and brush grills
  • Sanitize all surfaces, sinks, faucets, and soda guns
  • Put all rags, chef coats, and aprons in laundry
  • Wash floor mats and sweep and mop all floors
  • Clean hood filters in dishwasher
  • Wipe down outside surfaces of ice machine
  • Replace tin foil liners of grill and range
  • Empty sanitizing bins
  • Sanitize meat/cheese slicers
  • Label and air-tight cover all food before going in refrigerator


Weekly Cleaning

  • Clean ovens
  • Empty and clean all reach-in refrigerators and coolers
  • Clean coffee machines
  • Wash walls 
  • Flush floor drains with drain cleaner


Monthly Cleaning

  • Deal with grease buildup (behind fryers, stoves, ovens, etc)
  • Empty and clean freezers
  • Wash ceilings
  • Empty ice bin and sanitize
  • Check equipment (knife sharpness, calibration of equipment, etc)


A less than clean restaurant is bad for your bottom line! Remember, the checklist above is just for cleaning your kitchen, but don’t forget about keeping the front of house clean. We have all your cleaning supplies at this link:!