Naming your Cocktail

You’ve been working on this drink for quite a long time, and now you’ve finally perfected it! Well---now what do you name it? That seems like a long, arduous task in itself after you’ve just poured your heart and soul into making this drink. So, how do you find a name that does your drink justice? Here are some tips!


Using ingredients to name a cocktail can perfect for your customers in explaining what's exactly in the drink. It’s not always the best, most creative idea, but is definitely something to fall back on if all else fails. 


You might be able to attribute your drink to something in your town. A local park, monument, or something of that nature might be perfect when naming your drink! 


What inspired you to create the drink? Maybe someone you know inspired your drink and you can work their name into it somehow. Using your inspiration as the name for your drink gives it a personal touch. 

Get creative and give your drink the justice it deserves! We know how hard you work to put out great tasting drinks for your customers and having a bad name might derail the success of the drink.