Loyalty Programs
Loyalty Programs How do you create customer loyalty when there’s a new restaurant popping up every single day? Loyalty programs are the answer! Most people use their mobile device to decide where they’re going to eat, and they do that within 3 hours of their next meal. We talked a few posts back about the importance of an app for your restaurant, but we’re going to explain exactly how to use that app to get people wanting to come back. Convenience Take Starbucks for example, they have MyStarbucks Rewards and it’s such a simple and easy app to use. You simply go into the app and pay right there! Their online orders have skyrocketed and people are constantly in the app where Starbucks can give them targeted content. Don’t make your loyalty program confusing—all you have to do is give people incentives for wanting to come to your restaurant and they will. Unique Create a loyalty program that’s unique to the brand of your restaurant. Try to find something that your competitors can’t copy, and if you can’t do that, then you have to make sure that you’re offering rewards that other restaurants aren’t. Create special events and special menu items for customers that use your loyalty program. Build Relationships When you get those repeat customers, you need to learn their names! You want your employees to be on a first name basis with repeat customers to show the customer that you care about them and that they’re more than just their money. Loyal customers not only provide you with continuous business, but they’re unpaid marketers for our business! Word of mouth is huge for local businesses and when you create loyal customers, you create people who love to talk about how much they love your restaurant and how great it is.