Garnishing with Dehydrated Produce

Bartenders have been seeking new techniques to make their cocktails unique and using dehydrated fruit is one of the newest trends! There’s plenty of bars all serving the same drinks, but you should be constantly brainstorming new ideas to make your bar and drinks stand out. You can easily buy a food dehydrator to dry out your vegetables and fruits to garnish your drinks with. 

Even just drying your basic limes and lemons can make a world of difference because although they’re used in many drinks across the world, dehydrating them makes them identifiable. These dried fruits are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they’re delicious and can be eaten by the customer. 

Dehydrating food for your drinks also decreases your carbon footprint and reduces waste. If you chop up a lemon or lime, they only last for a few days, but drying them out makes them last indefinitely. Along with the reducing your impact on the environment, you get the added bonus of saving money (yay for impacting your bottom line!). You spend less on garnishes for your drinks because you’re now cutting garnishes once a month instead of every single day. 

Check out some of our food dehydrators below to use in your restaurant:!