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Picking the Right Seating for your Restaurant

     Comfortable, affordable seating is one of the most important aspects of a great restaurant. Seating is one of the most overlooked parts of a restaurant’s presentation, but can make or break the overall aesthetic of your restaurant. Providing a chair, stool, or bench for your guests is one of the first steps toward a successful food service establishment. On this installment of the blog, we’ll be looking at our favorite restaurant chair, bar stool, and high chair to help you set up the basics for your restaurant.

    A great basic chair that will fit any restaurant theme is our Royal Industries Walnut Finish Wood Saddle Seat Side Chair. This chair has a height of 33 ½” and a length of 17”. This chair is basic, black, and has a beautiful walnut finish that can be maintained with a routine shining. The frame is made of metal so you don’t need to worry about it getting scratched up if you have a high-volume restaurant. The best part? This chair is priced at only $73.99, so you can fill your restaurant with these beauties! Shop them here.

    Worst part about going to a restaurant as a family - no available high chairs! Did you know that a lack of high chairs at a family restaurant can ruin a dining experience? Make sure that your restaurant has at least five high chairs to support your customers’ needs. Our favorite product in our high chair line is our Royal Industries Mahogany Finish hardwood chair! Complete with a nylon strap and seat belt, this chair weighs only 12 lbs which makes it easy to move around the restaurant. Made of 100% wood, this beautiful chair will add a great seating addition for the little ones in your restaurant. You can shop this chair here.

    Did you know you can buy our bar stools in bulk? Our Grosfillex stools with a smoke backrest and charcoal seat come in a pack of eight. These stools are sturdy, reliable, and look great in any establishment. The back and seat of this stool are made from a clear polymer that complements wood decors as well as modern furnishings. These barstools also stack for easy storage, which makes cleaning your restaurant’s floors at the end of the night a breeze. Click here to shop our 8-pack, available in a wide variety of colors!

    With these three essential chairs, you can meet the needs of all of your restaurant clients! For more colors, sizes, and types of chairs, we recommend you visit our website or talk to a customer service agent for your specific restaurant’s needs. Visit  for more.

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