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Picking the Right Dinnerware

Even something as small as the type of dinnerware used at your restaurant matters an can make or break the success of your restaurant. Whether you need to spruce up your restaurant’s look and style, or you’re opening a restaurant of your own, dinnerware is something to focus on. Presentation is everything! There is a wide variety of dinnerware to choose from and I’m here to give you some tips for where to start:

Ceramic Dinnerware

On the less expensive side, ceramic dinnerware is glazed and fired to have a more rustic look. Ceramic dinnerware is less durable than most others and prone to chipping, but if taken well care of, can be extremely aesthetically pleasing to your customers and can help set the tone for your restaurant. Bonus: it’s dishwasher safe!


I’m sure we all know that porcelain dinnerware makes for very upscale and elegant dining. Even the finest porcelain dinnerware is generally dishwasher and oven safe. However, it's not microwave safe and porcelain dinnerware tends to be more expensive than other types.


Wood dishes are made with---well wood, obviously, and have been sealed with lacquer to create durable dishes perfect for your restaurant. They can be used to serve hot and cold foods and can bring a warm and welcoming feel to your restaurant environment. Perfect for fast, casual places! 

Although a seemingly small part of your restaurant, dinnerware is essential to your restaurant and can significantly contribute to the ambiance of your restaurant. Here’s the link to some of the dinnerware we sell on our website:!

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