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Philippines Has Massive Food Poisoning Outbreak

We don’t normally talk about things which happen in other countries because there are so many things which happen here in food news pertaining to restaurant equipment and supplies. This story from the Philippines emphasizes the fact that kitchen workers and people working within the food service industry should make sure to follow health and safety standards.

Over 1,900 children received vomiting, stomach cramps, diarrhea, and other maladies after eating their favorite fruit flavored candies. These kids were merely enjoying their day, not knowing that there was bacteria living on the candy that would make them sick.

It’s suspected that the germs were given to then by a systemic lack of hand washing. Dirty hands, dirty armpits, each of them might have contributed to the sickness of these children. Maybe the candy makers had their sweat fall into the vats of the candy – so it cannot be traced back to one single coworker or incident.

Food safety is important everywhere, not simply in the US. Having sanitizers on hand, and sinks where dishes and hands can be washed is dreadfully important. This sickness could have been prevented had the people in the candy factory been cleaner and not spread their own bacteria around. Hygiene is often overlooked, but it is painfully necessary for restaurants and factories.

2015-07-22 00:00:00
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