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Peanut Butter Dreams made Possible with Processors

Take a Robot Coupe food processor and a dream, and you have the foundation for a business. Megan Gibson had delicious ideas and dreams about developing a business revolving around her custom blends of peanut butters. She first got the bug when she tasted a spicy Haitian peanut butter.

She worked hard with her commercial food processor to provide those fresh butters to the community. She started off in her kitchen, gradually shifting over to a space that gives kitchen space to local entrepreneurs. Then it was the food truck.

Going from there, she got bigger and bigger. But then an equipment failure happened. She was feeding the homeless and making it work. She’s now got options at her disposal. She can take her recipes and sell them for distribution to the grocery store chains or decide to stay at the flea markets and craft fairs.

Regardless of what she decides to do as an entrepreneur, she has still done quite a lot for the community – supporting and helping the homeless thrive with jars of healthy, all natural peanut butter. She longs to stay in front of the people, actively helping them… rather than being stuck at a phone selling.

The Robot Coupe food processor helps out chefs who want to take their own cottage industry to the next level. It’s got plenty of mixing power, something that the home blenders miss out on. What do you say, up for a little peanut butter?

2016-02-24 00:00:00
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