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The Panini Press: Not Just For Sandwiches

Panini presses are sometimes shoved off to the side by people who believe that they are only good for making sandwiches.  While some believe that the panini should be seen only at the deli and little Italian lunch places, we believe that the panini press has many more tricks up its sleeve.

We’re serious fans of experimentation here at Restaurant Supply, and believe that you should always be striving to take your culinary talents to the next level. There’s quite a few things you can put into a panini press and have it come out delicious.

Continue Your Love Affair With Bacon

One of the best things about your panini press is that it can press bacon.  Two heated surfaces and a natural drain for the grease means that you’re going to be able to cook quite a lot of healthy bacon at once.  Bacon is a wonderful repast any time of the day.

Crisp Up Some Hashbrowns

Getting the urge to shred some potatoes?  Here’s your chance!  Shredded potatoes and a panini press make for an excellent recipe.  Just lay down your shreds and press the handle, and you’ve got it made.

Get Yourself Some Panini Omelets

Since we’re talking breakfast goodies, it’s time to get your panini omelet going.   I can’t think of anything more fun than to have a panini pressed breakfast along with some delicious fresh squeezed orange juice.

Maybe Panini Crepes?

If you’re feel like going a bit more upscale, you can take your panini press to the next level with panini crepes.  We figure that you can put anything in there, not just the ham and egg that’s used in this example.

Go Old School Chicken?

If you’ve got boneless meat, you can cook it on a panini press.  If you’re wanting to make steak strips, you can put those on the grill.  How about a few pork chops?  Yes, that too.  If you want some moist and delicious chicken, try out the panini press for your patrons.

Experimentation in the kitchen should not stop once you’ve gotten to a commercial setting.  The only thing that’s limiting your love of alchemy is time, and what’s another hour or two doing the thing that you love?  C’mon, the panini press is waiting for you.

Thanks go to Manuel W. on Flickr for the Creative Commons use of his picture.

2014-10-15 00:00:00
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