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Packaging for your Products

Easter identity branding mockup set, eco concept

Your customers come in to eat (or order a coffee, or a cocktail) - and then they take something home with them. Could be a to go bag - could be a bag of cookies - what it is depends, of course, on what you are selling. But what you can bank on is that the packaging you present your customers with has a psychological impact on how they view your business. So pay attention to the details, and make sure you're still making a good impression after they walk out the door:

Quality is important. How something LOOKS is very important too of course - but nothing is more essential than ensuring that the contents of the box or bag or to go cup don't spill all over the floor, ruining their food and possibly their bag or clothing or car. Make sure you invest in durable, made to last packaging which won't break at the slightest touch. Flimsy bags, thin cups, etc. will only save you pennies per product, and they could be responsible for ensuring that you lose a valuable customer if something goes awry. So pay attention to quality, first and foremost.

Make a suite of products. Once you have quality established, consider aesthetic. When you order to go products, put them all out together (especially if you're a cafe or another establishment that sells many pre packaged goods). Does everything look like it belongs together, or is it a hodge podge of random boxes and cups with no identity? Creating a similar look will go far to create a cohesive, polished feel for your product line. Chances are good your customers will never even notice the effort you've put in - except on a subconscious level. But everything you can do to create a positive, pleasant experience from start to finish also ensures that your customer will return to you, over and over again. Put a little thought into your suite. It's worth the effort.

Branding. Do you have a logo and brand colors? If not - drop everything else and create one. And take the time to work with a branding company vs. hiring your art school employee to design a logo. Brand psychology is an extensive school of thought, and creating a strong, compelling brand starts with your logo and identity. If you do have a strong logo - consider putting it everywhere you can. It doesn't have to be a cost prohibitive process. Stickers and stamps are fun, simple, easy, and cheap! ways to get your brand in front of the public. The cost of a stamp, once created is basically nothing, and stickers are typically pennies on the dollar. Customer printing can be expensive, so get creative. And remember: every time you put your logo on your packaging, your customers become a walking advert for your brand.

Bottom line: a little time, a little effort, and a little extra money can make a significant impact in customer impression and retention. So take a look at what you have and, if you need to, up your packaging game.

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