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Opening Your New Restaurant: Tips to Stay on Track

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Getting to opening day is, for a new restaurant, a momentous and stressful undertaking. From construction to buying equipment to health inspection to staffing, there are hundreds of details, big and small, to take into account. And every detail is a potential problem if not prepared for correctly and addressed promptly. Here are some tips to keep you on track and ensure a successful opening which happens on time (or at least - very close!).

Construction is a huge undertaking, and managing multiple contractors is a full time job in and of itself. Hiring a project overseer will absolutely help you keep everyone on time and on budget. The initial cost will pay itself back in terms of your own time as well as ensuring that everyone shows up and does what they are supposed to do, for the rate they agreed to. Find someone with experience, and keep working on everything else that you need to while that person keeps the contractors on time and on budget.

Speaking of budget - finances are a huge part of opening a new restaurant. Costs are typically anywhere from a quarter to a million dollars in construction and initial rent alone - and cost can creep very suddenly when you discover you need a new air duct system, or you end up three months behind with three extra months of rent to pay and no money coming in. Make sure you have your initial budget plus a contingency plan in place, and negotiate with the landlord to ensure you're getting the best possible deal during the opening months. Be realistic about all your upfront costs - you will need all your restaurant equipment, all the small pieces, and also, a couple weeks of payroll to pay staff, plus food costs for the grand opening. A marketing budget is certainly not a bad idea either. So be cautious and make sure you're confidently funded before proceeding.

Equipment is an area that we of course, specialize in and we encourage you to shop our full range of restaurant equipment - from the big purchases to the small, you'll find what you need here. Do your research and pick pieces that fit both your space and the needs of your kitchen. The equipment you buy now should last you a long time, so consider it an important investment and act accordingly. We are happy to help you if you call our customer service line, with decisions from price to size to everything you need to have on your list before opening day.

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