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Online Review Mania

Online reviews are the first things people look to when choosing a potential restaurant to satisfy their hunger. Unfortunately, people notice negative reviews and take those into account more than positive reviews. Here are some ways to ensure you’re doing everything you can in regards to your online ratings:


Responding to all reviews, even those that are negative in sentiment, is extremely helpful for your business. Engagement with consumers gives off the perception that you care and you want to give your customers the best service and experience they can get. Responding within 7 days of a post is best practice and for some negative comments, you should default to direct messaging them to make the person feel special.

Star Ratings

Actual star ratings matter! People love some great food photos, but they care more about the number rating you’re getting. People are more trusting of 4-5 star restaurants and sometimes will stray from eating at those with even 3 stars because of the actual rating.

Facebook Matters

While Yelp and TripAdvisor are considered the top places to view restaurant reviews, Facebook reviews are becoming more important and a more popular platform to visit for reviews. Facebook has the highest growth rate for viewing restaurant reviews in the past year, so make sure to monitor your Facebook page!

Online reviews can make or break a restaurant because people are relying on those reviews when making their decision about whether to visit or not. Your online presence shouldn't only be limited to your website, but rather anything with your name attached to it!

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