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Ring in the New Year at your Restaurant!

Feeling blue now that Christmas is over? Think about keeping the party going and ringing in the New Year at your restaurant! Get ready to pull out all the bells and whistles to make this party a memorable way to celebrate the arrival of 2020. Below are some tips to pulling off a great New Year’s Eve Party:

Party Ideas

There are a variety of themes you can go with for the party. Fancy? Glow sticks? Decade party? You might want to give your customers a chance to dress up elegantly or to celebrate a past decade in honor of entering a new one! Get creative with your ideas and once you pick a theme--stick to it!


Once you decide on a theme, you have to decide how you can best entertain your guests. The music you choose is a game changer and can definitely make or break your party. Bring in a photo booth for the party to allow guests the opportunity to take pictures and remember they spent New Year’s Eve 2020 at your restaurant!


A New Year’s party is no fun if no one attends! Use your social media to promote the party. Think about making a Facebook event or starting a hashtag that is unique to the party. Advertise in your restaurant and maybe even send out invites (if you have a loyalty program, send an e-vite to those enrolled in the program!).

Party Supplies

Create a limited menu and stock up so you don’t run out of anything! Have your bartenders create some New Year’s themed cocktails and hors d’oeuvres for your guests.

Use the holiday season to your advantage and throw a party at your restaurant to bring in the New Year. No one wants to be lonely on New Year’s Eve—you’ll find that people will come for the company. After the party is over…sit back, relax, and reflect on 2019 and what a success your party was!


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