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Nutritionists Concerned about the Modern Western Diet

Places around the world are gradually seeping over to a ‘Western’ diet: a lifestyle of little activity and higher calorie meals. This is the source of some concern for doctors, nutritionists, and others in the health community.

When you’re talking about a Western diet, you’re talking about the things which most folks in the USA love. Take a look at the deep fried fatty foods, ones which have spent a lot of time in a commercial fryer. Look at those items which have refined sugar and fewer vegetables.

Eating these foods in the Western diet can really cause the body to rebel. It has a lowered immune system and is more likely to get sick as a result. Our bodies were more meant for healthier foods, rather than ones which have had had their share of processing.

As you know, diet can lead to diabetes, obesity, and more. This would be the perfect time, however, to take all this into account and create a healthier menu. While we love the Western diet, there are many more who would rather have a place with a salad prep table in the back.

You have the opportunity to choose what you eat. You can have something which everyone has deemed bad for you, or you can nibble on fresh veggies.

2015-07-09 00:00:00
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