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NRA Kitchen Innovation Awards

The National Restaurant Association recently held its 2015 Kitchen Innovation Awards.  These awards reward those pieces of equipment and systems that help restaurateurs show a dynamic improvement and a productivity increase.

Many of the winners were in the water industry.  Water costs are significant in restaurants, as water is being drained from the system through dish washing, customer needs, and cooking.  Coming up with new innovations really helps the bottom line.

Champion Industries was able to make the grade with its Food Waste Reduction System that re-purposes gray water.  The daily water consumption is dropped between 20-30%.

The EnviroPure Systems Ozone Recirculation System claims that it can save up to 400 gallons of water every day.  It is able to use the food scraps to further promote anaerobic digestion in the water.

The Ice Link system is one of the neatest systems that comes in handy for hotel operations and huge commercial ice operations.  It is able to transport cubed and nugget ice to remote locations within the same building.  This particular system would be a boon to those who had to have low-volume ice machines in certain areas.

The Kitchen Innovation Awards are an opportunity for the National Restaurant Association to show off some of the best of the best.  Find out more about the winners here.

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