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Norovirus Infects 200 at Catered Event

Whether you’re placing your hand into a True reach in refrigerator or you’re defrosting something from a True undercounter freezer, it’s always necessary to wash your hands before you handle food. Unwashed hands have the potential to spread norovirus, a highly contagious sickness. Unfortunately, people learn this lesson all the time, the latest at a catered event at the Russell Investments Center in Seattle. 200 people have fallen ill, 2 have been put in the hospital and 8 needed a visit to the emergency room. The virus causes intestinal issues and elicits vomiting.

This is a hard blow for the Bon Appetit Management Co, the one who arranged the food for the event. There were no other workers of Bon Appetit at other events, and the norovirus appears to be contained. Gatherings and parties are the best avenues for this type of infection to spread, as there are many people shaking hands and hugging one another.

To keep the virus from spreading, it’s always best to keep your hands washed and disinfectant near. The virus itself is pretty clingy, and washing down the surfaces around can prevent that. Remember that a bad review caused by sickness can make for a reputation hit that some companies have difficulty recovering from.

2015-12-10 00:00:00
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