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New Menu Inspiration: hot new ideas to try!

nashville hot chicken

Is it time to start thinking about revamping your menu? As well as keeping a strong list of rotating specials, staying on trend with menu items (while staying true to your concept, of course) can help you keep your restaurant current and offer your loyal customers a new and exciting reason to come in and check you out. But what to add? Here are some inspirations for you:

Hot Chicken: a twist on traditional fried chicken, this Nashville staple involves fried chicken served over white bread with pickle chips. The 'hot' flavor typically comes from a generous sprinkling of cayenne pepper in the traditional fried chicken seasonings. A beautiful dish to make in the summer with a side of watermelon to help your patrons beat the heat.

Tofu based entrees: this one is awfully easy. Take virtually any of your existing meat or chicken OR fish entrees (especially those with strong seasonings) and substitute in tofu for the protein. A lower calorie, healthier, vegetarian option like this will give your guests welcome options on your menu items. Think buffalo tofu, for example, and have fun switching it up.

Gourmet burger: again, a simple twist on a classic. Gourmet burgers typically involve a higher grade of beef (or kobe beef) and can have extravagant, fun toppings. Cabernet marinated mushrooms? Kimchi slaw? Truffle cheese? You decide how to spoil your guests, and offer tator tots or truffle fries OR vegetable tempura on the side as a fun alternative to 'regular' french fries.

Breakfast tacos: just about everyone likes tacos. And this southwestern favorite is a great way to incorporate them into your breakfast menu. Consider chorizo as a topping, make sure they are small, authentic, hot, and most importantly - tasty. Offer different types of salsa on the side as an authentic condiment choice your customers will love.

S'mores for dessert: another summer favorite, take the campfire concept and move it indoors. You can make a s'mores fondue kit for your table, a s'mores campfire latte, a s'mores skillet - s'mores gooey cake - the list goes on and on. This well beloved childhood classic will be an easy, fun, and just a little bit quirky addition to your dessert menu.

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