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Nemco Heat Lamps Make Holiday Buffets Possible

While we love supporting chefs and other foodservice professionals at Restaurant Supply, there are a few folks here who would rather go out to eat than cook during the holiday season. There’s nothing like a good buffet to keep the tummy full. There, you can see all types of Nemco heat lamps, making sure that the ham stays warm under the light.

While the heat lamps come in handy for a lot of other purposes, the biggest use that they have is to keep meats and other items warm for the masses of folks who would want to buy your food. The suspension lamps are good because you don’t have to worry about where to place them – there’s no need to make extra room on the buffet for them.

They’re durable, as well. You have all types of folks who are coming through your buffet lines, so it’s best to have something that can withstand its first and second (and third0 encounter with the public. Scratch resistance and sturdy aluminum hoods can really make the difference between something shoddy and something wonderful.

If choices are what you’re after, the three choices that you have for infrared bulbs can help out your buffet. Remember that the proper lighting can make the difference for a sale. Once they get to your buffet, you want to have as attractive a setup as you can, right?

Take a spin with the Nemco heat lamps. Having the right heating element in your shop will help out your customers, compelling them to return to your buffet.

2016-01-05 00:00:00
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