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The Nemco Easy Tuna Press Does it All

If you go through a lot of tuna, you know it can be a messy job draining all those cans. Nemco has an Easy Tuna Press for draining tuna cans quickly and with minimal mess. We imagine that this would work also very well with the other canned food that has lots of water contained inside.

Why use a tuna press? The press drives out more water than just draining the can. Less water in the tuna means that your dish will be less soggy. Soggy bread with a tuna salad sandwich has never been fun, and extra water can also ruin other dishes as well. It’s easy to add water if there’s too little, but once a dish is made it’s hard to get out!

Now, the device does looks like a kind of medieval torture device, but we assure you that it’s much better used for pressing tuna rather than anything nefarious.  The only creatures that truly hate the easy tuna press are cat, only because the juice lands in the sink.

How does it work?

  • Take the 12 pound press and put it onto the side of the sink.  Turn the crank until it’s all the way up.
  • Take an open can of tuna and pour out the water while holding the lid in place.
  • Keep holding the lid and turn the can over, putting the open side onto the base of the press.
  • This is the fun part.  Turn the crank clockwise until the press is snug against the can and it takes a bit of effort to turn the crank.
  • Wait until the water finishes draining, then push the crank a slight bit further to get the last bits before releasing the pressure.
  • Drag the can off of the base, turning the machine right side up and making sure that your hands are covering the lid.

Once the tuna is out of the can, you’re all set to make sandwiches, salad, or other tasty treats with your canned tuna.

2015-01-17 00:00:00
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