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Do You Need a Booster Heater?

When it comes to sanitizing in commercial restaurants, you have two options: heat the water to 180 degrees F or expose those dishes to sanitizing chemicals.  The bacteria will be killed in either instance, so it comes down to your choice.

If you choose to heat your water, you need to get a booster heater.  A booster heater takes the normal tap water that you wash your dishes with and heats it up to the 180 degree mark. It’s like a mini water heater. A few special connections and a little bit of rigging and you can ensure that you have enough hot water at a high enough temperature for sanitation.

Using sanitizing chemicals in a low-heat dishwasher will kill off the germs, but you have to make sure that you have them on hand at all times.  It’s not simply a fire-and-forget sort of thing. Plus, you have to make sure they stay potent through the shift.

Pros of using a commercial booster heater

  • No terrifyingly effective chemicals need to be used on your dishes.
  • There is no training necessary, just attach it to your dishwasher, and you’re ready.
  • The heat removes food particles and debris from your dishes the first time.
  • No need to make space to store the sanitizing chemicals.

Cons of using a commercial booster heater

  • Usually a bit more pricy than the lower temperature dishwashers.
  • Takes up more room than low-temp dishwashers.
  • It’s possible to burn yourself on the booster heater.

If you’re installing equipment for a new restaurant, sanitation is just one of the things that you’ve got to keep in mind.  All of those back-of-house things like cleaning add up to make exquisite experiences for your guests. Don’t neglect sanitation, try a commercial booster heater on your dishwasher.

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