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Need a Cambro Food Carrier for your Catering Event?

We’re getting close to September, which means that the kids are almost all back in school and the beautifully HOT summer weather is almost over. But it is still warm enough for people to have a lovely evening meal outside. This means that there’s ample opportunity for outdoor catered events and Cambro Food Carriers.

Any of these carriers make a perfect addition to a caterer’s arsenal of portable food trays. They can be used to bring the extras or the main meals, depending on how many fixins that a client needs. One of the indispensable features of the Cambro Food Carriers is that they do exactly as advertised: let you carry food without your worrying about temperature.

While you might not have a portable stove on the premises, you can still keep your cooked food with you inside of these dishwasher-safe carriers. Caterers everywhere sing their praises, as Cambro is one of the most trusted brands  in the catering industry.

You’re even able to keep these cold by putting some ice packs into the container. Or fill them with hot water to warm up the food.  So, are you catering a few events this time of year? Get your squash on with your caterer.  Try the Cambro Food Carrier for your next event.

2015-08-27 00:00:00
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