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National Tortilla Chip Day!

It’s time to go south of the border because today is National Tortilla Chip day! And, what better use of your hard earned hunger than to go to your local Mexican restaurant and eat chips and salsa? We talked a little yesterday about some great dips that you can create using your Robot Coupe. Let’s talk a little more about salsa recipes that can be made with a Robot Coupe blixer.

As you know, a blixer is a mix between a food processor and a mixer. You’d use them when you need something a bit chunkier than the standard fare – salsa, anyone? There are no hard and fast rules for salsa as you can have tomatoes, black beans, avocadoes, or anything that you’d like. Turn up the heat, turn it down, you can go crazy with the ingredients.

Get out your can of black beans for this recipe from Allrecipes. A can of black beans, some corn, a few tomatoes and a bit of onion really make it go. Reading it makes us pretty happy.

For those who want something simple and traditional, there’s the recipe from Pioneer Woman on Food Network. She’s got some diced tomatoes with green chillies, a clove of garlic, a can of tomatoes, and some cilantro leaves in her mix.

Our third salsa recipe comes from Cooking Classy. Now, avocados are the way to go to get your healthy fats. There’s a bit of crunch in there with a chipped red onion and a few tomatoes. Those tortilla chips don’t stand a chance when armed with this recipe and a Robot Coupe blixer.

Are you planning on doing anything today for National Tortilla chip day? We’d love to hear more from you in the comments below.

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