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How Much Smallware Do You Need?

While we do sell the larger restaurant supplies here at Restaurant Supply, we also sell what restaurants need most: smallwares.  Smallwares are the little things, the cups, the bowls, the glassware, the dinnerware, utensils, and everything else which is considered small within a restaurant.

Basically, these are the small items that don’t cost over $500, but you’ll need many of them in quantity.  Here are some guidelines for the types of smallwares that you’ll need.


Not only are you going to need enough glasses, but depending on the type of restaurant, you’re also going to need some pitchers and other items.  Are you going to have different glasses for water and soda?  Are you going to need beer mugs?  Order around twice the number of seats that you have, as glassware can break, be stolen, and more.


For specific bar materials, you’re going to need shot glasses, highball glasses, and more.  Since some of these types of glasses are more expensive, order low, then build up to the level that you need.  You’re going to have some breakage, so be prepared.


Make sure that you have twice as many plates as you have number of seats.  Make sure that they are available in all of the sizes that you plan to sell them in.  The china that you choose does add to the overall impression that people will get of your restaurant.


Make sure that there are two complete place settings for every table.  This will give you a little overage for the inevitable paring down of broken, bent, and otherwise damaged materials.

Keeping enough smallwares on hand in your restaurant is incredibly important.

Thanks go out to Forrest Tanaka on Flickr for the Creative Commons use of the picture.

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