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Most Restaurants Change their Menus

Do you have a new Moffat convection oven, but believe that you don’t cook enough stuff to really feel that you’re getting the full use out of it? Is it time for your restaurant to change its menu, not only to reflect the new kitchen equipment but to update the image of your place?

It’s truly a battle of preference, really. Changing your menu is all about embracing the new and improved, or at least the different for your restaurant. There are so many dishes and yet there is so little time to eat all of them. “To stay relevant, you must challenge yourself, your team, and this inspires the entire restaurant to be sharp,” says Carrie Nahabedian.

In fact, every restaurant that she’s worked with has changed their menu at some point.

In some places, though, they’ve found a formula that really works for them. There are restaurants out there who haven’t changed their menus for over 20 years, and they’re still going strong and successful.

We’d like to think your Moffat convection oven should be used on things which you’re passionate about cooking. Tastes change, but we also understand that if you’ve found a formula that works, then stick with it.

2015-12-09 00:00:00
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