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More Wonders of the Panini Press

We’ve written about the versatility of panini presses in the past.  Today, we’re going to expand upon their uses, because panini presses are just that cool.  Where can you go wrong with a piece of restaurant equipment whose sole responsibility is to simultaneously grill and squish things?

One writer waxes romantically about the first time that she was introduced to pressed sandwiches.  “There was a place in Central Florida called the Silver Ring… it had the best pressed authentic Cuban sandwiches.  I can still imagine the bread… wonderful.”

Maybe there were plenty of others who went to that delightful little café in Central Florida, but paninis definitely caught on with others.  Now, it’s difficult to go to any place like Atlanta Bread Company or Panera Bread without at least seeing some pressed sandwich on the menu.

But  there are fun uses for paninis, as well.  When we found this recipe for Nutella S’mores on a Panini press, it was better than any shock and awe food campaign that came across our plates.  We haven’t tried it, yet… but we assume that there are kids at heart everywhere who want to indulge in that Lay’s Chip and Nutella decadence.

There seems to be only one rule for paninis: there must be bread involved.  Even that is up for debate, as intrepid chefs have come up with many substitutes for bread in sandwiches.  So, if you’ve got a commercial panini press, start experimenting!

2015-06-05 00:00:00
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