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More About Moffat Ovens

The Moffat companies had their humble beginnings in the 1920s in Australia and New Zealand.   With a devotion to superior service and products, Moffat ovens are the beacon of quality for convection ovens known the world over.

Moffat has been responsible for several innovations within the cooking field, each one just a little more spiffy than the last.

Convection oven platforms

One of the things that Moffat is known for is their convection oven systems. They are striving every day to make Moffat ovens a household name, one which is technologically at the top of its game. Restaurants have been familiar with the quality of these ovens for a long time.

Rotel rotating deck ovens

Moffat’s deck ovens have been around for a while, but they are no less revolutionary. Rotating decks have allowed bakers to cook tremendous amounts of bread in one large batch, saving energy and streamlining operations. Bakers swear by their deck ovens, and Rotel’s are among the best.

Genesis automated baking system

Designed with the complete automation of breadmaking in mind, the Genesis automated baking system allows chefs to place ingredients into the machine and let it run hands-free. Bread making is a labor-intensive process. In a restaurant that doesn’t have a dedicated baker but still wants fresh bread, these systems can make it happen.

Moffat ovens can be seen in a lot of sizes, from ones that accommodate only a few half pans to large Turbofan convection systems which handle many full pans. If you’re in need of an oven, check out our current lineup of Moffat ovens and baking systems.

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