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McDonald's Considering New Foods for Rio Olypmics

We’re looking forward to seeing what McDonald’s commercial deep fryers come up with for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. The company has announced that they will have their all day breakfast (frankly, we love having that unfettered access to hash browns) and certain local specialties available for their customers.

McDonald’s will win as long as the food is convenient and tasty. Providing the people with delicious French fries and burgers is, as some would say, just what they do. To that end, the company is also opening up a dessert bar to their patrons in the Olympic Park. It hasn’t been mentioned if the restaurants are going to be open all night, but we expect that they are.

If you had the opportunity to fire up your commercial deep fryers at the Olympics, what foods would you offer to the hungry masses? Would you offer fare from the northeastern US, or would you go for Southern? Maybe something from the southwest. We think that there should be a little bit of everything brought to the Olympic Village – after all, they’re trying their best to encourage togetherness.

If you’re planning on going to Rio this year, make sure to taste all of the local delicacies. Inspiration comes from everywhere.

2016-03-15 00:00:00
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