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Mason Jar Fun

italian cheesecake mason jar restaurant supply

Simple, fun and eye appealing, the basis for any successful dessert. Treats that seem “too simple” have become the go to for restauranteurs looking to impress their guests. Simple twists to classic recipes that do not require turning on ovens or even breaking out mixers, cheesecakes that are served in small jars or glasses. Featuring customer favorites such as fruits on a bed of creamy lemon and vanilla mascarpone cheese that create a melt in your mouth crumble.

These effortless desserts are perfect for warm summer evenings, allowing guests the opportunity to sample one or two bites of something sweet and a large variety of flavor choices. Because, these small delicious treats can be made quickly, it is to your advantage to quadruple the recipe and make numerous flavors. Lending your guests the ability to sample one, two or event three!

To make these delicious treats is very easy, time effective and cost effective. The bottom layer consist of mashed dates, chopped almonds and a pinch of salt, keeping that part sweet/tangy and crunchy! The middle layer consists of delicious mascarpone cheese, macerated lemon and honey and fruit to your choosing. To finish decorate the jars with flower petals, lavender or even elderflowers. Gusts will love the personal touches and will certainly be intrigued to promote the product on their social media news feeds, boosting your restaurants online presence.

Italian Cheesecake Jars

Makes 8 small jars

If making this ahead, we’d recommend only filling the jars with crumble and mascarpone, and keeping the fruit salad in a separate jar until right before serving. Strawberries and peaches are often heavily sprayed so choose organic if possible.

-15 strawberries, rinsed and hulled
- 3 peaches, rinsed
- 1 lemon, washed
- 2 tbsp (unheated) runny honey or maple syrup
- ó cup raw almonds
- 8 soft dates, stones removed
- 1 pinch sea salt
- 2 cups mascarpone
- ó tsp ground vanilla or pure vanilla extract
- small handful lemon balm or mint leaves


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