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Martini or Manhattan? You Decide

Friday night means celebration, drinking, and fun. Treat your guests to two classic cocktails - no matter what your menu, they probably have a place on it. The Manhattan is one of the simplest, and best whiskey cocktails, and the Martini is an equally iconic crowd pleaser. Make sure both versions are high quality, well executed versions as there aren't a lot of ingredients to hide behind, so every detail counts. Use top shelf liquors for the gin (or vodka) and whiskey, and chill your vermouth in the fridge - it's a fortified wine and as such, it will spoil if not refrigerated properly. Buy decent quality olives and luxardo cherries nothing cheapens up a cocktail faster than a maraschino cherry.

Homemade Rye Bourbon ManhattanManhattan

  • 2 ounces rye whiskey or bourbon
  • 1 ounce sweet vermouth
  • 2 dashes angostura bitters
  • Ice
  • 1 cherry in marasca syrup

Place ingredients in a shaker with ice (minus the cherry) and stir vigorously to combine. Strain and serve in a chilled cocktail glass with a cherry to garnish (Luxardo preferred).

Martini cocktail drink with olives garnish and tools on rusty backgroundMartini

  • 2 1/2 ounces London dry gin, such as Beefeater
  • 1/2 ounce dry vermouth, preferably Noilly Prat
  • Green olive for garnish
  • Cracked Ice
Combine ingredients in cocktail shaker - minus the olive, and stir vigorously. Serve in a chilled class with olive for garnish.  
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