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Marketing Ideas for February

February sales

February is the middle of the winter, which is a dreary time of years for anyone in the north (and some parts of the south!) but it doesn't have to be all doom and gloom. There are plenty of marketing opportunities to take advantage of this month, even though it's the shortest month of the year. Let's take a look at what you should be marketing:

Valentine's Day: right up there with New Years Eve, Valentines Day is a huge night for sales, celebrations, and romance. Couples will want to celebrate, so break out the bubbly and craft a prix fixe menu they will love as much as their significant other. Send the information out early via social media and press release because people make plans well in advance. If you are more of a bar establishment, well, consider catering to the single crowd with an anti valentines party. Single people want to get a little tipsy and maybe hook up with that special someone. Host something fun and quirky - you'll attract a good crowd for sure.

Super Bowl: sports bars, rejoice - the biggest sports day of the year is here! Finish off football season with a bang and offer beer specials, wing specials, and all the other comfort food that you know your regulars crave. Creating some ads to push out your establishment to a larger audience isn't a bad idea either - lots of non-sports people watch the Superbowl, and they may not be sure where to go. Capture that extra audience and pack the house! Oh, and be careful about using the word 'Super Bowl' - it's trademarked and while the odds are good you won't hear from the NFL - 'big game' is probably the best wording to use in any ads, especially paid ads - just to play it safe.


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