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Marketing and Restaurants

When picking up the mantle of restaurant ownership, there are several factors at play: service, operations, and marketing. The savvy restauranteur knows that it not only takes the right restaurant equipment to make the magic happen, but they also know that they have to get a steady stream of both new and old customers putting their butts in the chairs. There’s a lot of attention focused on the digital marketing aspect, but other marketing can be done right within the restaurants.

Take a look at the Cracker Barrel chain. There, not only will you find one of the world’s best collections of comfort food and dynamite breakfasts, but they’ll take that further with the ‘country store’ attached to each restaurant along with the art that lines the walls. It goes with the theme of the restaurant and makes going to the Cracker Barrel an experience rather than merely going to a restaurant.

That, actually, is the level that restauranteurs have to ‘fight’ for attention. Some restaurants work very hard to be the place for local artists to display their wares, then market themselves as a place where folks can not only see fantastic art, but have great food to boot. To be able to marry these qualities together is a recipe for success – as there becomes an even higher purpose for people to flock to the restaurants.

Some restaurants do it especially well. Take Dada in Delray Beach, Florida. “It’s all about celebrating the arts, no matter what they are. It’s an inclusive venue where artistic flair is free to be, and patrons of all shapes, sizes, and sorts can find a comfort zone.” So, the biggest question becomes, how are you going to make your restaurant stand out?

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