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Make your Big Purchases First when Designing your Kitchen

When you shop at an online restaurant supply store, you’re selecting from the best of the best. Every single product that was chosen to be in the offerings, from the Manitowoc ice machines to the commercial freezers, were put there so that you could outfit the perfect commercial kitchen.

Each kitchen is a haven, a sanctuary where your chef is going to be for countless hours over the restaurant’s lifespan. Having the proper restaurant equipment within your restaurant keeps the morale of your employees up, and through that, helps out your clientele.

What goes into your perfect commercial kitchen? How would you set it up, given the blueprints of your restaurant? How are you planning on making that new restaurant dream into a reality with your online restaurant supply store?

When we start outfitting, we usually begin with thinking about the large things inside the kitchen. The ovens, the freezers, and the refrigerators come first. And then it fills in from there to include shelving and other places to put the items. Most restauranteurs start with the plan of what they used to have, and then alter it in their head to come up with something even better.

How do you design the perfect kitchen? Do you start with the big, then fill it in with the small? We’d love to know.

2015-11-17 00:00:00
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