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Maine Restaurant Week Features Vegan and Vegetarian Food

In Maine, we’re looking forward to restaurant week, where diners can look forward to a prix fixe lunch from some of the most exclusive restaurants in the city. We’re pretty sure that the commercial ice machines will be kept running at full blast with the vegan and vegetarian offerings that will happen until the 12th.

Plenty of vegetarian dishes are on display, including a shepherd’s pie that is made with mushroom ‘meat’ with mashed potatoes, vegan gravy, and more. “We made a conscious decision to offer a lot of things we offer regularly because it’s great for exposure. We’ve got a pretty big vegan influence here. Some of the owners are vegan, and I have a spa background.”

Beautiful stir fry shows up on the menu, complete with cabbage and tempeh. There are some other things to keep the commercial ice machines going, too. They’re cooking up some Brussels sprouts with a little bit of vinaigrette. Our tummies are rumbling for it right now.

A little soup comes into the mix, as well. You name it, and it might show up as ingredients for the Maine restaurant week. While these vegetarian recipes are taking center stage right now, there are others with meat which will be featured at some of the other restaurants. If you’re in the area, I’s a great time to eat.

2016-03-04 00:00:00
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