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A Little More About Commercial Griddles

Yesterday, we talked a little bit about the versatility of the commercial griddle.  The griddle, after all, is a marvelous device that can be used for nearly anything that needs only a small amount of liquid to cook.  Think of it similar to being at the intersection of utility and love.

We’re definitely fond of the vegetables here.  With your commercial griddle, you can get good caramelization on onions and really make the flavor of peppers come alive.  There’s nothing like a good onion, mushroom, and pepper mix for your fajitas.

Come to think of it, making fajitas on the griddle is definitely not out of the question.  You can make a large quantity and take your menu to the next level, whether you’re a home cook or a pro.  Be sure to include some of the little sweet peppers as well.

If you’re going to prepare a dish with the onions, peppers, and mushrooms, you may as well throw in some potatoes.  The griddle is fantastic for making hash browns just the way you like them.  Using commercial griddles, you can get a good crisp from the hash browns with just a touch of oil.

So, as you can see, the commercial griddle is not only good for pancakes, but it’s also good for a variety of dishes as well as sandwiches and crepes.   Every day, the griddle can be used to cook something – taking some of the load off of some of the other kitchen equipment.

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